How To Remove Pimples or Acne Naturally:Must Read

How To Remove Pimples or Acne Naturally:Must Read

  • Hi Guys this is my 2nd post and in this post i'm sharing with you how to remove pimple's Naturally 100% Working   !

So get started  :

  • "You Need This Ingredients To Remove Pimples Naturally From face".


2:Turmeric Powder
3.Milk or Water.


  1. You Have To Take A Bowl And Add Some Amount Of Turmeric powder (How much you want! How much amount you need to cover your face !) 
  2. Based On That You Have To Take .And Some Water Or Milk In The Bowl .(Based On your amount of turmeric powder you have to add the milk or water. ) 
  3. For Example You Have Taken 100 Grams Of Turmeric Powder In The Bowl You Have To Add Minimum 50% Of Water (or) Milk Compare To Your Amount Of Powder .
  4. Now You Have To Blend It For Some Time!     

  • That's All Your Paste Is Ready To Apply.

  • You Can Apply This Paste Any Time You Want But You Can Apply These Paste At Night Before Going to sleep for Best Results


It will remove pimples and makes the skin soft and clean...!

  • Thank you Guys For Reading .... .

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